Visionary Society

The Visionary Society is a group of individuals committed to ensuring justice for their fellow Texans through their generous gifts to Texas Appleseed. Please visit our Visionary Society page to learn how to become a member.


Contributions of $5,000 and above
Rebecca and Ross Anthony
Laura and John Arnold
Judy and David Beck
Edna and George Butts
Judy and Patrick Cantilo
Debra and E. Leon Carter
Ricardo Cedillo
Paul Davis
Dawn Estes and David Timmins
Cheryl and Jim George
Lela and Robin Gibbs
Sandra and H. Lee Godfrey
Melanie Gray and Mark Wawro 
Susan Karamanian
Gayle and Layne Kruse
Elizabeth Mack and David Allen
John H. Massey
Karen and Charles Matthews
Sherry and Gerald Merfish
Gina DeBottis Metts and Mark Metts
Ginni and Richard Mithoff
Eileen and John Moody
Sammye and Mike A. Myers
Carrin Patman and Jim Derrick
Jose Rangel and Yolanda Uribe
Macey and Harry Reasoner
Regina Rogers
Ann Hebert Stephens and Robert Stephens
Judy and Charles Tate
Patricia Villareal and Tom Leatherbury


Contributions of $2,500 to $4,999
Hon. Marilyn Aboussie
Mary and Jack Balagia
Doug Bland
Susan Blount and Richard Bard
Hon. Kent Caperton
Serena Connelly
Clinton Cross
Amanda and Dennis Duffy
Hon. Lizzie and N. Scott Fletcher
Marcy and Sam Greer
Susan Hartman and David Guedry
Gregory Huffman
Maria and Charles Kelley
Dee Kelly Jr.
Phil and Adam Loewy
Julie and Michael Lowenberg
Chris and Mike Marcin
Eileen and John Moody
Lonny Morrison
Ann Marie and Timothy Painter
Judy and Eric Taube
Kenneth Tekell
Leslie and Beau Thorne
Dick and Kathy Vermillion
Angela and Luis Zambrano


Contributions of $1,000 to $2,499
Hesha Abrams and John Lohmar
Judy and Rodney Acker
Scott J. Atlas
Sean and Roslyn Breen
Doug Brothers and Lynne Rupp
Hon. Debra Danburg and Randy Chapman
Diana and Steve Coxsey
Ashley and Sam Cruse
James and Shirley Dannenbaum
Viviana and David Denechaud
Murray Fogler
Kyra and William Fitzgerald
Hilda Galvan
Leslie Gilstrap
Sean and Susan Gorman
Allene Evans
Ryn and Guy Hohmann
Carrie Huff
Daniel Hyde
Yolanda and William Knull 
Frank and Margaret Krasovec
Amy and David Lear
Tracy LeRoy and Brandon Rottinghaus
Amy Chen and Charles Loeffler
Mark Mann 
Keri and Andrew McKenzie 
Beth Merfish and Daniel Coleman
Ayesha Najam 
Elizabeth and Justin Nelson
Mary and Steve Nichols
Dr. David and Pam Ott
Patrick Oxford
James Perkins
Melinda and Michael Perrin
Janis and Joe Pinnelli
Shari and Randy Pulman
Susan Rainey
Barrett Reasoner
Monica and Christopher Richart 
Sarah Saldana and Donald Templin
Margaret and Joel Shannon
Deborah and Hugh Sloan 
Stephen Stout 
Allan Van Fleet
Cissy and T. John Ward
Joe Bill and Dede Watkins
John and Prissy Watson
Bess and Robert C. Wilson, III
Nathan Winkler 
Ellen Yarrell 
Phyllis Young
Rowena Young and Myron Steves


Contributions of $500 to $999

Cynthia Angell
Ruth and Edward Austin 
Ruby and George Baddour
Carol Barger and William Elliott 
Michelle Bellovin and J. Alex Martin 
Lan and Adele Bentsen 
Mac Briggs 
Leah and Michael Buratti
John Carter
Bruce Clark
Colin and Sara Clark 
Brenda Clayton
Joni and Robert Cohan
Jim Crownover 
Mark and Michelle Early
Pat Gilbert
Celso Gonzalez Falla
Rick Hammett
Nan Hazel 
Alan Hersh 
Richard and Susan Hile
Jennifer and Richard Hogan 
Ned Holmes 
Scott Humphries 
Hon. Wallace Jefferson
John Johnson
Darrell Jordan
Susan Kidwell
Neel Lane
Sabria and Kevin Lewis
Tracy and David Livingston
Janis Monger and Tommy Mason
Jadd Masso
John McDonald 
William Medaille
Patrick Mizell
Gene and George Ann Monger
Margie Monroe
Nick Nichols
Dr. Mark Parker and Mr. Eric Johnson
Kent Piacenti and Chase Cooper
David Plaut and Jane Webre
Mary and James Pustejovsky
Brooks Quinlan
Lee and Steve Rech
James Reeder and Eric Nevil
James Rice
Angela and Jason Richards
Arthur Rogers
Jan Sanders
Kurt and Claire Schwarz
Marisa Secco
Vicki and David Sharp
David and Emily Sheeren
Laura Subrin Yeager
Frances Tapp
Louann and Larry Temple
Luke and Holly Thomas
Beth Thornburg
Jay and Shari Tobin
Randy Turner
Diane Umstead and Rex VanMiddlesworth
Karyl Van Tassel
Larry and Celia Veselka
Sherri Wilson and Jason Rock
Peter Winstead

This is our Visionary Society list from 2018 to current. Last updated July 2019.